2 Players Game

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The Battle of Five Armies – based on the climax of JRR Tolkien's novel The Hobbit – pits the hosts of the Elvenking, the Dwarves of Dain Ironfoot, and the Men of the Lake led by Bard the Bowman against a horde of Wolves, Goblins and Bats led by Bolg, son of Azog. Will Gandalf turn the tide for the Free Peoples? Will the Eagles arrive, or Beorn come to the rescue? Or will Bilbo the Hobbit perish in a last stand on Ravenhill?

High Quality Mini Pocket Magnetic Chess Set
Exquisite and easy-carry
Board Dimensions: 200X170X5mm

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Rp 440.000Rp 440.000

Number of Players: 2

Recommended Age: 11+

Time: 15 Minutes

For 2 Players
Time : 20 Minutes
Genre : Fantasy, Area Movement


Rp 465.000Rp 465.000

For: 2 Players
Playing TIme: 20 Minutes
Recommended Age: 10+


Rp 465.000Rp 465.000

For: 2 Players
Playing Time: 30-40 Minutes
Recommended Age: 10+