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Rp 690.000Rp 690.000

For 2-4 Players
Time : 30 - 45 Minutes
Genre : Abstract Strategy, Drafting

Rp 250.000Rp 250.000

Expansion For: Azul

Number of Players: 2-4
Playing Time: 30-45 Minutes

Expansion For: Azul Summer Pavilion

A brand new floor!

Azul: Glazed Pavilion offers players 2 newly designed player boards and matching scoring boards to compete over and a set of 4 overlays to keep Azul Glazed Pavilion tiles neatly organized. Offering the best of both worlds beauty and new game elements Glazed Pavilion is a must-have expansion for Azul fans!

Rp 700.000Rp 700.000

Number of Players: 2-4

Game Time: 45-60 Minutes

Welcome back to the palace of Sintra! King Manuel I has commissioned the best garden designers of Portugal to construct the most extraordinary garden for his wife, Queen Maria of Aragon.

Rp 700.000Rp 700.000

For 2-4 Players
Time : 30-45 Minutes
Genre : Abstract Strategy, Rennaisance, Pattern Building

Rulebook dalam bahasa Indonesia

Rp 1.050.000Rp 1.050.000

For 1-4 Players
Time : 30-120 Minutes
Genre : Adventure, Ancient

On an uninhabited island in uncharted seas, explorers have found traces of a great civilization. Now you will lead an expedition to explore the island, find lost artifacts, and face fearsome guardians, all in a quest to learn the island's secrets.

Temporary Out of Stock
Rp 890.000Rp 890.000

Number of Players: 1-4

Game Time: 45 Minutes

Base Game is Required to play This Expansion

Rp 690.000Rp 690.000

Number of Players : 1-5

Game Time : 60 Minutes

Rp 1.100.000Rp 1.100.000

Number of Players : 2-4

Game Time : 90 - 120 Minutes

Recommended Age : 14+

Rp 465.000Rp 465.000

Number of Players: 1-4
Game Time: 30-60 Minutes

Rp 390.000Rp 390.000

Number of Players: 2
Game Time: 20-40 Minutes

Retail Edition

Radlands is a competitive, dueling card game about identifying fiercely powerful card synergies.

Act as the leader of your post apocalyptic group of survivors in a tooth-and-nail fight to protect your three camps from a vicious rival tribe. If all of them are destroyed, you lose the game.

Rp 1.400.000Rp 1.400.000

For: 1-4 Players
Recommended Age: 14+

Rp 1.500.000Rp 1.500.000

Number of Players: 2

Game Time: 90-240 Minutes

Rp 1.380.000Rp 1.380.000

Lorenzo il Magnifico - Big Box is the all-in-one package for Lorenzo il Magnifico, including the base game as well as 5 expansions.

Expansions Included:
Lorenzo il Magnifico: New Leaders
Lorenzo il Magnifico: Houses of Renaissance
Lorenzo il Magnifico: New Leaders #2
Lorenzo il Magnifico: The Pazzi Conspiracy
Lorenzo Il Magnifico: Promo Visconti/Della Scala

Rp 900.000Rp 900.000

Anachrony is a competitive, euro-style strategy game with a two-tiered worker placement system, deep resource management, time travel, and a game-altering endgame trigger.

For 2-4 Players
Time : 10-15 Minutes
Genre : Card Drafting, Set Collection

Rp 965.000Rp 965.000

For : 2-4 Players
Time : 75 Minutes
Genre : Economic, City Building

Rp 440.000Rp 440.000

Number of Players: 1-4

Recommended Age: 8+

Time: 20-45 Minutes

Rp 780.000Rp 780.000

For 1-4 Players
Time : 45-75 Minutes
Genre : Worker Placement

Rp 1.750.000Rp 1.750.000

Number of Players: 2-5

Time: 90 Minutes

Recommended Age: 14+

Rp 525.000Rp 525.000

For: 1-4 Players
Recommended Age: 13+
Playing Time: 30-60 Minutes


Rp 1.050.000Rp 1.050.000

For: 2-5 Players
Playing Time: 90-150 Minutes
Recommended Age: 14+

For: 2-5 Players

Playing Time: 45 Minutes

Recommended Age: 13+

Rp 965.000Rp 965.000

For: 2-4 Players

Playing Time: 60-80 Minutes

Recommended Age: 12+

Rp 330.000Rp 330.000

For 3-6 Players
Time : 45 Minutes
Recommended Age : 9+

Rp 330.000Rp 330.000

Playing Time: 30 mins
For: 2-5 players
Recommended Age: 14+

Rp 920.000Rp 920.000

For 1-4 Players
Time : 60-90 Minutes
Genre : Dice , Fantasy

Rp 1.535.000Rp 1.535.000

For 2-4 Players
Time : 75-90 Minutes
Genre : Card Drafting , Dice Rolling, Worker Placement

Rp 1.500.000Rp 1.500.000

For 2-4 Players
Time : 60 Minutes
Genre : Adventure, Miniature, Fighting

Rp 550.000Rp 550.000

Deskripsi Watergate ( Original ) Board Game - TBG BoardGame Store -

For 2 Players
Time : 30-60 Minutes
Genre : Card Game, Political

In the two-player game Watergate, one player represents the Nixon administration and tries not to resign before the end of the game while the other player represents The Washington Post and tries to show the connections between Nixon and some of his informers.

Deskripsi Premium Wooden Chess Set - Papan Catur

Premium Wooden Chess Board Set

1 Chess Board ( Fold Able )
16 White Pieces + 1 Extra Queen
16 Black Pieces + 1 Extra Queen
2 Storage Resizeable Compartments

Made using Sapodilla Wood

International Standard Size

Rp 600.000Rp 600.000

Deskripsi Tiny Epic Mechs Deluxe Edition Board Game - TBG

For 1-4 Players

Playing Time: 30-60 Minutes

Category: Science Fiction

Rp 480.000Rp 480.000

Deskripsi Chessplus: Pure Genius - Chess Plus Board Game - TBG Board Game Catur

For 2 Players

Playing Time 2-45 Minutes

Category : Abstract Strategy

Rp 325.000Rp 325.000

Deskripsi Jixia Academy Board Game - Original - TokoBoardGame

Did you love Hanamikoji?  If so, you'll find the same amazing gameplay re-themed with all new, gorgeous art in Jixia Academy!  All new characters to get to know in a limited run first edition!  

If you've never played Hanamikoji, no problem!  We think you'll love the game play that takes 2 minutes to learn and 10 minutes to play!

Temporary Out of Stock

Deskripsi Food Chain Magnate: Ketchup Expansion - FCM Board Game

3 Packs Sleeve Kings Standard USA Chimera Card Sleeves (57.5x89mm) - 110 Pack

The Ketchup Mechanism & Other Ideas is an expansion for Food Chain Magnate.
Base Game is Required to play this expansion

Rp 750.000Rp 750.000

Deskripsi King of New York Board Game / BoardGame / Games

For 2 - 6 Players
Time 40 Minutes
Genre : Fighting, Dice, Sience Fiction

Rp 1.500.000Rp 1.500.000

Deskripsi Vindication Board Game Original TBG

Player : 2 - 5 Players
Play time : 45 - 150 Mins
Age : 14+ years old

Rp 560.000Rp 560.000

For 2-5 Players
Time : 30 Minutes
Genre : Card Game, Fantasy

Include Card Sleeves - Sleeve Kings

111 Cards Standard MTG 63.5x88mm

Experience two fantastical centuries of expansions and combat in Paper Tales. Remodel your assorted assembly of characters, units, and buildings in each period based on your developments and the age of your heroes. Write a new legend of the rightful ruler who brought unity to the rival kingdoms.

Rp 1.610.000Rp 1.610.000

From the humble beginnings of civilization through the historical ages of progress, mankind has lived, fought and built together in nations. Great nations protect and provide for their own, while fighting and competing against both other nations and nature itself. Nations must provide food and stability as the population increases. They must build a productive economy. And all the while, they must amaze the world with their great achievements to build up their heritage as the greatest nations in the history of mankind! 

Rp 600.000Rp 600.000

For 2-6 Players
45-60 minute playing time
Ages 14 and up