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For 2-6 Players
Time : 40 Minutes

Genre : Fantasy, Maze, Miniatures, Racing

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50 Cards Standard US 56x87mm

In every game of Drakon, you and your opponents must fight to stay alive in the midst of the labyrinth. On your turn, you can either move your hero to another room, or add another piece to the labyrinth, placing beneficial chambers in your own path and throwing your opponents into harm's way. But you must be cautious. The chambers of Drakon's labyrinth are filled with danger and ancient magics, not to mention the dragon herself. To navigate these deadly corridors and survive, youll need to be quick and careful.

On every turn, you have a crucial choice to make. You can either move forward into a new chamber, or you can expand the labyrinth by playing a new chamber tile from your hand. The new chambers that you play feature unique circumstances and magical objects that you may encounter on your adventures through Drakon's lair.

The majority of these chambers offer powerful effects to any hero that enters the chamber. You may gain the power to destroy any chamber in the labyrinth, or call a windstorm to carry you along, increasing your movement. You may even take command of a floating chamber and fly it to the other side of the labyrinth. Other chambers force more harmful effects on those heroes unlucky enough to enter. A room may cause you to lose a coin as you avoid the dangers within, and any hero who hears the siren song of the magical harp is forced to move into its chamber. As you and your fellow heroes play these chambers from your hand, they form a cunning maze, and only the wise can find their way out.